The Secret of How Cristiano Ronaldo be the Best Football Player in the World Finally Revealed

Every best football players have their own secret which lead them to have a great performance in the field. One of the best football players in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo shows his wonderful skill and performance whether when he was in Real Madrid or now when he is in Juventus. So, what are the secrets which make Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the best football player in the world?


Indeed, as a football player, Ronaldo has daily exercises. The question is what kind of exercises he take every day? The first thing he does every day in his exercise session is a warm-up. It looks simple but some newbie or beginner players often pass this session. Ronaldo said that warm-up has an important role to prevent him from injuries in the match. The warm-up is including stretching and cardio warm-up exercises. His exercise in the gym is similar to his exercise in the field. Cristiano Ronaldo often chooses to do cardio training such as running, rowing, and weights. He also often do sprint drills The most important thing is that Ronaldo does the exercise every day even in the bedroom when he wakes up in the morning or before going to bed. Slowly but sure doing exercise becomes his a healthy habit.


Of course, his performance is not only because of the exercises but also because of the food he eats. By combining these two elements, Cristiano Ronaldo has proven that he has an ideal body weight and shape. He can play from the beginning up to the end of the match without reducing his tension to make a score. One of the best examples was when he scored a hat-trick against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 2019. He shows that the combination of great exercises and healthy foods bring them to be a machine goal for his latest team, Juventus. So, what kind of foods he eats every day? judi bola online

Cristiano Ronaldo explains that he really cares about his diet. As a professional football player, Ronaldo realizes that a good workout has to be combined with a good diet. Because of that, he chooses food selectively. To keep his ideal body and stamina, Ronaldo eats a high protein food such as whole grain carbs, fruits, and vegetables. He doesn’t consume any sugary foods at all. Doing a tight diet doesn’t mean that he can’t eat his favorite food. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo always misses his favorite food in his hometown namely Bacalhau a Braz. This food is made of several ingredients such as cod, onions, potatoes, and scrambled eggs. The other healthy foods he loves to eat are steak, fish, and salad.

Another important secret to know is the way Ronaldo manages his eating habit and time. Interestingly, he answers shortly by saying that he eats regularly. It is important to eat regularly because he needs the energy to perform in the field. The key is that Ronaldo often eats six smaller meals a day.

Cristiano Ronaldo also explains the importance of hydration. This is the reason why he always drinking plenty of water every day. One little secret is that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t drink alcohol and it keeps his performance at the top level.

Mental Train

Due to his amazing performance on the field, most of his rivals and friends said that Cristiano Ronaldo has the best player mentality. Interestingly, the mentality is not a gift because Ronaldo trains it. Be disciplined is a powerful word from the best football player in the world. He adds that to become a professional player, you must train your mind because mental strength is just as important as physical strength. Ronaldo sets some goals, especially on his football career. Then, he trains his mind to find the best way to achieve those goals. By balancing those two important elements, Cristiano Ronaldo achieves his great performance and make beautiful goals.


Doing a lot of activities doesn’t mean that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have time to relax. Even, he points the importance of relaxation during his tight schedule. Relaxation brings positive impacts to his physic and mental. Cristiano Ronaldo spends his free time with family and best friends. He is always happy to spend time with the people he loves so much. It seems that those people are a booster for his performance in the field. He wants to make those people happy by creating beautiful goals and performance.

Proper Sleep

Cristiano Ronaldo also maintains his sleep well. Sleeping is also the way to recharge his energy back before the next training or match. Because of that, Cristiano Ronaldo always goes to bed early and wake up early, especially if he has to face big matches on the next day. He said that proper sleep helps him to recover his muscles.   What we can learn from Cristiano Ronaldo is that he knows how to behave as a professional football player. He knows well what to do to keep their health whether to achieve his physical and mental health. As a result, he can keep his focus while playing in the field and show his best performance.

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