Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream Online

FIFA World Cup 2018 is as you probably already know, the largest football championship in the whole world. FIFA World cup takes place once every 4 years and it is made up of 32 teams carefully picked from all over the world. The teams must play against each other to win the title of international champion for the next 4 years at least. The next FIFA World Cup will be played this year in 2018 in Russia. The championship will begin in June and will end in 15th July in Russia.


FIFA World Cup had it’s first edition in Uruguay in 1930. The FIFA president at the time, Jules Rimet managed to invite 13 teams from all over the world which participated in the championship. In the first FIFA World Cup Championship, Uruguay managed to win. After a successful tournament, FIFA made the decision of organizing the championship once every 4 years.

FIFA World Cup 2018 At a Glance

Host CountryRussia
Total Teams32
Games Played64
Live Stream Click Here
Start Date14 June 2018
End Date15 July 2018
Official MascotZabivaka
Current ChampionGermany

The championship did not take place in 1942 and 1946 due to World War 2, however it resumed in 1950. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Live will be the 21st edition so far and the host will be Russia. Last time, the FIFA World Cup was hosted by Brazil where Germany won against Argentina with a difference of just one goal.

The Current Official logo of FIFA World Cup 2018 was designed by 3 people at the ISS (International Space Station) on the 28th of October, 2014. The design of the logo was inspired by the many traditions and long history of Russia. The reason for the logo being designed at the ISS is due to the huge achievement of Russia going into space.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream Online

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream is just around the corner with the best football teams ready for their matches. Football is the sport with the most fans, spread all over the globe. Everyone is eager to place their bets and watch the games right on the stadium in Russia or at home.

Many of the FIFA World Cup 2018 official broadcasters will stream live on their own websites. Here are a few of them, just to help you out while looking for the best streaming service to watch the games.

There are many options online, which people can use to watch the football world cup live stream.  Even if you don’t have cable at home, there are plenty of ways to watch the Football World Cup Live Stream. Most streaming services ask for a monthly fee which is usually around $25. However, if you look long enough you will find that most of them offer a free trial of seven days or even more for every new user. These streaming services might not be 100% free, but at least you will be able to enjoy the Russia World Cup 2018 on high quality.

In recent years, wireless live stream has become very popular for people that want to enjoy their favorite sports. People prefer the more flexible wireless solutions as opposed to the classic cable tv for various reasons. Probably the main reason for this is that you have more options when it comes to where and when you are watching. With cable TV you have no option but to be indoors, usually at home or in a bar. However, with wireless you can be anywhere where you have wi-fi or a data connection.

Although some of the examples which will be presented below are not completely free, all of them can be used to watch the Football World Cup Live Stream for free.

Sling TV

People can use Sling TV to watch World Cup 2018 in several ways. Available for iOS, Android, desktop web browser or even the Amazon Fire App. Fairly recent to the market, Sling TV can be used for more than watching sports. They also feature, news, movies, entertainment and more. Thanks to Sling TV, people will be able to watch FIFA world cup live and re-watch highlighted replays when they want so. Furthermore, for just $25 a month, people can purchase the Sling Blue deal which will give them access to all Fox TV channels. If that is not an option for you and all you want is to watch the World Cup 2018 Live then you can just start with the 7 days for free trial.


Kodi is one of the most popular and the best way to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia for Full Free. But it’s a little complex part to setup. You need VPN for tuning Kodi and not only world cup, you can easily watch any kind of big event over the world for free in HD streaming. It’s an addon where you can install the package and start watching the game.

Probably one of the better solutions when it comes to Live Streaming. Football fans can use KODI to watch the World Cup 2018 Live. KODI requires addons to work and then can be subscription based such as NBCSN or Fox Sports Go. As well as addons with are free such as SportsDevil, StreamHub or cCloud TV, iPlayer WWW, BBC Sports and more. So why are you waiting for? Just search on google how to watch FIFA world Cup on Kodi and Google will return you a tons of tutorial about that!


Known by most people as the best live streaming service when it comes to sports. To use FuboTV, people need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. It is considered the best because it streams live sports channels such as Rugby, NFL, NHL, CBS, Fox, ESPN and many more. Furthermore, people can live stream their favorite sports channel from devices such as iPhone, iPad, Roku, Chromecast, Android, Apple TV and many more.

For people that enjoy watching sports channels, especially football. FuboTV streams: La Liga, Premier League, Liga MX, Turkish Super Lig, MLS, Swiss Super League, Europa League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and others. The best thing about FuboTV is that people can watch FIFA World Cup without spending any money because they offer a 1 day free trial.

Another benefit of FuboTV is that people not just in the United States, but all over the world can enjoy World Cup 2018 Live in high definition without interruptions, no ads and a very stable buffer.


With over 60 channels to watch all of your favorite movies, sports and what not DirecTV has a bit of something for everyone. Currently owned by AT&T, people in the Caribbean can visit the DirecTV website and enjoy all games of Russia World Cup 2018.

DirecTV is one of the most popular online TV in the world. They cover more then 80% of biggest event over the world every year. Their streaming quality and accessibility just finest on the market.

The official Russia World Cup 2018 in the Caribbean, they will broadcast live all games on their official website. Owned by AT&T, DirectTV emerged in 2016 and since then it got a lot of success.

The monthly subscription to view over 60 channels is just $35. They offer a 7 days free trial to anyone interested in their services. Furthermore, with the upcoming Russia World Cup 2018, DirectTV has introduced a three month offer for just $10 a month.

Hulu TV

Hulu exists for many years and of course they offer only the best when it comes to live streaming. Their high-quality content can be compared to the best and it’s very simple to use as well. Hulu TV requires a monthly subscription fee, which is considered more than what the competition has to offer, however you get for what you pay.

Hulu TV offers a one-week free trial which is more than enough to enjoy the Russia World Cup 2018. If you enjoy their service, for $39.99 a month, you can have it for as long as you like.

Hot Star

One of the best live streaming services for FIFA world cup russia, not just because it’s very easy to use, but because it’s so cheap that you won’t even notice that $6 a year are missing from your wallet. Hot Star offers live streams for TV Shows, Movies, Sports, news and more.

Hot Star is also known for using very little of your data, in case that’s an issue for you. In addition to this, they offer a free app which is available for Android in the PlayStore.


One of the best streaming services for people that don’t like cable. Roku is the favorite for many people because depending which streaming source you use with it, you might not need to have a paid subscription. Roku can be used to watch World Cup 2018. If let’s say you have an ESPN subscription you  can use the username and password to login and enjoy the football games.

However, if you don’t have login credentials, you can just choose one from the many free streaming mirrors. In addition to this, Roku works with most of your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

PlayStation Vue

When it was first launched to the public, it was only available to Play Station users. Things have changed since then and now everyone can enjoy PlayStation Vue. They offer a 5-day free trial which is perfect for watching the World Cup 2018 Live.

If you enjoy their service you can opt for their subscription-based service which is $39.99 a month which can be cancelled at any time.

VPN Guru Site

The perfect streaming option for people that aren’t in a country which doesn’t have many options to watch the Russia World Cup 2018. VPN Guru will find a mirror link which will stream the football games whthout the need of any cables. Their website is very well designed, with a simple interface that just works. Although, people need to pay a monthly subscription to be able to watch the live stream, there is a free trial.

Live Soccer TV

It is considered one of the best streaming services. Besides the fact that people will be able to enjoy the Football World Cup Live Stream, you can also check out details about other games which are taking place at the same time.

A great feature is that you can choose which mirror link you wish, in case you want to view the best quality stream. Furthermore, the site also gives its users a list of upcoming games and when they will be able to view them.


Althoug it doesn’t seem to have an app for either iOS or Android devices. Mobdro offers some of the highest quality live stream.


VipBox a quite simple experience with no messages prompting you to disable you adblocker. VipBox allows users to watch the Russia World Cup 2018 with no interruptions. Furthermore, their live stream is completely free at any time.

Although it doesn’t have as many streaming sources as Direct TV or Sling. PlayStation Vue can be used to watch world cup 2018, UEFA Champions League, Women World Cup 2019, Euro 2020, Europa League and many more.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 with VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network changes your physical IP tricking websites and services thinking that you are located in a specific city or country. Not all streaming services listed above are available worldwide, thus a VPN might be required to fix this. To understand why a VPN might be needed let’s give an example. Let’s say that the Russia World Cup 2018 will be live streamed in high definition by a website in the United States and it is only available for people located in the United States.

However, you are located somewhere in Europe. You will not be able to access the Live Stream and a message will be displayed on the screen saying that this service is not yet available in your country or region. Here is where a VPN comes into the equation. Using a VPN, you can change your IP with one that is from the United States. This action will trick the website the next time you visit the page that you are located somewhere in the United States, and it will allow you to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 as if there is no issue.

A VPN is an app/executable file which can be installed on any operating system. No matter if you have a Desktop PC running Windows or Linux, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 mobile or Android. Once you have installed the VPN app and have chosen a new IP address, the app will work in the background and you can enjoy the Russia World Cup 2018 with no interruptions.

One thing to remember about VPNs is that depending on your internet connection and the access point you have selected; your connection speed can drastically be affected. In some cases, it can even make your internet connection beyond unstable, even unusable.

There are football fans all over the world and not all of them will have a free and reliable streaming service available for them.  In some cases, people from various countries can’t even purchase a subscription because of their location. In this case, a VPN is the perfect solution as it gives access to all games of the Russia World Cup 2018. Here are a few VPN services anyone can use:


This offers anything a VPN service can offer to it’s users. With a relatively large base of users, it is one of the more expensive VPN’s available. People can choose from over 60 countries, you can be sure that no country or region limitation will stop you from watching the Football World Cup Live Stream.


A somewhat less expensive VPN service but with just as many features. NordVPN offers improved security while you browse the internet or watch football. The downside of this VPN service is that the list of possible connections is somewhat limited compared to others. Furthermore, in rare cases it doesn’t offer the best internet connection.


Probably the most popular VPN service, ExpressVPN has an amazing 145 locations you can connect to and possibly enjoy anything on the internet. In addition to this, ExpressVPN doesn’t affect your internet connection speed that much compared to the competition. ExpressVPN is available for all of your devices, no matter if you have iOS, Android or a Desktop PC.

HMA, HideMyAss VPN

Another very popular VPN service. HideMyAss VPN is very easy to use and it’s available for all of your devices. HMA offers a protected and secure connection no matter where you are and where you want to connect to.

A very useful feature of HMA is that you can save your favorite connections so that you don’t have to look for them every time you want to go on the internet. Although it’s not free, HideMyAss VPN is the favorite of millions of people.

FIFA World Cup 2018 LIVE on TV

The FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule is designed so that none of the participating teams will have other matches in that period so they have time to rest for their big game.

fifa world cup live on tv'

FIFA has worked hard so that everyone in the world can watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live, giving broadcasting rights to all major TV channels. The official FIFA World Cup 2018 are as follows:

  • DirecTV in Argentina
  • Globo, SporTV in Brazil
  • beIN Sports in France
  • ARD in Germany
  • BBC in the United Kingdom
  • FOX in the United States
  • Sony Pictures Network in India

Furthermore, in addition to the main TV broadcasters, FIFA has ensured that this year’s championship will be broadcasted live in most countries in the world. Here is the full list in alphabetical order:

Country FIFA World Cup 2018 Live broadcaster
 Albania RTSH
 Argentina TyC Sports, DirecTV
 Armenia ARMTV
 Australia SBS, Optus Sport
 Austria ORF
 Azerbaijan İTV
 Bahamas ZNS, DirecTV
 Belarus BTRC
 Belgium RTBF, VRT
 Bolivia Unitel, DirecTV, Red Uno
 Bosnia & Herzegovina BHRT
 Brazil SporTV, Globo, FOX Sports
 Brunei Astro
 Bulgaria BNT
 Canada RDS, CTV,  TSN
 Chile TVN, Mega, Canal 13, DirecTV
 China CCTV
 Colombia RCN TV, Caracol TV,  DirecTV
 Costa Rica Sky, Teletica,  Movistar
 Croatia HRT
 Cyprus CyBC
 Czech Republic ČT
 Denmark TV 2, DR
 Dominica DirecTV, Sky
 Ecuador DirecTV, RTS
 El Salvador Sky, TCS
 Estonia ERR
 Faroe Islands DR
 France beIN Sports, TF1
 Germany ZDF, ARD
 Georgia GPB
 Greenland TV 2, DR
 Guatemala Togo Sports, TV Azteca, Sky, Movistar
 Honduras Sky, TVC,  Movistar
 Hong Kong LeSports
 Hungary MTVA
 Iceland RÚV
 Ireland RTÉ
 Israel KAN
 Jamaica DirecTV, TVJ
 Kosovo RTK
 Latvia LTV
 Liechtenstein SRG SSR
 Lithuania LRT
 Malaysia Astro
 Malta PBS
 Mexico TV Azteca, televisa
 Moldova TRM
 Montenegro RTCG
 Myanmar Sky Net
 Netherlands NOS
 New Zealand Sky Sport
 Nicaragua Sky, Ratensa
 Norway TV 2, NRK
 Panama Corporación Medcom, Sky, Televisora Nacional
 Paraguay DirecTV, TyC
 Peru DirecTV, Latina
 Philippines ABS-CBN
 Poland TVP
 Portugal RTP
 Romania TVR
 Russia Match TV
 Serbia RTS
 Slovenia RTVSLO
 South Africa SuperSport, SABC
 South Korea SBS
 Suriname DirecTV, SCCN
 Sweden TV 4, SVT
  Switzerland SRG SSR
 Trinidad and Tobago DirecTV, CNC3
 Turkey TRT
 Ukraine UA:PBC
 United Kingdom BBC, ITV
 United States FOX, Telemundo
 Uruguay Canal 10, Monte Carlo, TyC, Teledoce, DirecTV
 Venezuela DirecTV, Venevisión



If you live in the US, you are in luck. The FOX official website will offer live streaming for all games right on it’s website. Although it is not official, but most probably people will have to pay to watch.

They have monthly online subscription where you can enjoy the full match of Online.


Another option for football fans in the United States. NBC has announced that they too will offer the FIFA Football World Cup stream. NBC is one of the biggest TV broadcasting channel in USA and they cover most of the popular sports event over the world. Furthermore, NBC Telemundo will broadcast live the games in Spanish.

In NBCSports Apps, you can also enjoy the paid susbricption for wathing FIFA world Cup 2018.

beIN Sports (North Africa)

What Sports Tv can better then beIN Sports. IF you are fan of UEFA or Europan League games then you probably the fan of this beIN Sports. They had amazing HD quality of broadcasting technolgy. The largest TV sports channel in Northern Africa and the Middle East will offer live stream on it’s website.

For Watching Football World Cup, you have need an account for beIn Sports Connect account which may cost $29.00/m.


The popular United Kingdom broadcaster will also offer the FIFA Football World Cup Live Stream. ITV will offer all games through the ITV Hub available for Android, iOS and Windows 10.

ITV will also broadcast live all games on their website. You need to create an account and watch all games with super HD streaming.

SBS (Australia)

If you are live in Australia and wanted to watch FIFA world Cup live Stream, then this TV will give you the good news. The Australian giant will offer its viewers all games of the Russia World Cup 2018 exclusively on both TV and on their official website.

Actually they will broadcast 25 game of FIFA world cup season. But you can watch every game after 16th round for free without subscription.

Kwese Sports (Sub Saharan)

Just for Sub-Saharan Countries, the newly appeared on the market when it comes to sports will broadcast all games of the Russia World Cup 2018 right on their official website.

So the biggest news is 250m people of sub sahanan can watch hole tournament for free and of course, the TRP will getting high on that time. Just call you cable operator  and tell them to set your Kwese Sports TV channel at your Subscription. Enjoy!

Sky Sports

For countries such as New Zealand, Chile and a few others, Sky will be the official live broadcaster for this season of Russia World Cup 2018. Sky will bring the people of these countries all games on both TV and on their official website. Sky sports is especially known in this part of the world for offering fans other types of sports such as hockey, golf and many more.

Sky Sports also has an app available for smartphones, which can be downloaded for free. Furthermore, the app can be used to watch the Russia World Cup 2018 games live, right from a smartphone or tablet. The app is available for both iOS and Android and you need an active user account with Sky to be able to watch the games.


ESPN will offer all games of t he Russia World Cup 2018 games for free. The broadcast will come from ESPN sports.

The online broadcast of the Football World Cup Live Stream will require a fast internet connection, otherwise you can expect interruptions. Furthermore, they offer a free app which can is available for any device.

Sony LIV (India)

In India, You need a cable subscription of Sony LIV for watching Russia World Cup 2018. Over 100m people will watch over Sony LIV for FIFA World Cup. The Live broadcast service belongs to Sony Entertainment will offer all games to all sub-continental countries right on their official website.


The major Sports Channel in Africa will show fans a live stream of the Russia World Cup 2018 games on their official website.

YouTube TV

Farely new to the live streaming market. Youtube TV has been introduced to the public and it offer some very useful features. Besides the fact that people will be able to watch FIFA World Cup 2018, viewers can enjoy over 50 channels.

In addition to this, you can have several devices connected at the same time, with all streaming different channels in case someone doesn’t want to watch football.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Radio

If you won’t be near a screen when your long-awaited football game will be on, then you might be near a radio. Here is the full list of Radio broadcasters for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in alphabetical order:

Country FIFA World Cup 18 Live Radio Broadcaster
 Albania RTSH
 Australia SBS
 Austria ORF
 Belarus BTRC
 Belgium VRT, RTBF
 Bosnia & Herzegovina BHRT
 Brazil Rádio Gaúcha, Sistema Globo de Rádio, Rádio Bandeirantes, Rádio Itatiaia, Rádio Verdes Mares, Rádio Jovem Pan, Super Rádio Tupi
 Bulgaria BNR
 Chile Radio Bio-Bio, ADN Radio, UCV Radio, Radio Cooperativa
 Colombia Blu Radio, Caracol Radio, RCN Radio
 Costa Rica Radio Columbia, Teletica Radio, Radio Monumental
 Croatia HRT
 Cyprus CyBC
 Denmark DR
 Estonia ERR
 France Radio France, RTL, Europe 1,  RMC
 Finland Yle
 Georgia GPB
 Germany ARD
 Iceland RÚV
 Ireland RTÉ
 Israel KAN
 Jamaica RJR 94 FM
 Kosovo RTK
 Liechtenstein SRG SSR
 Lithuania LT
 Macedonia MRT
 Moldova TeleRadio-Moldova
 Montenegro RTCG
 Netherlands NOS
 Norway NRK
 Portugal RTP
 Serbia RTS
 Slovenia RTVSLO
 South Africa SABC
 South Korea SBS
 Sweden SR
  Switzerland SRG SSR
 Turkey TRT
 Ukraine UA:PBC
 United Kingdom BBC
 United States Fútbol de Primera
 Uruguay Sociedad Anonimas de Television y Radios, Radio Oriental, Radio Monte Carlo

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups

Now that we know where to watch FIFA world cup live, we need to know when they will be broadcasted. Here is the full group list:

All Timings are in European Standard Time (EST)

GROUP A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay

Thursday June 14 Russia VS Saudi Arabia 10AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)
Friday June 15 Egypt VS Uruguay 7AM Ekaterinburg Arena
Tuesday June 19 Russia VS Egypt 1PM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Wednesday June 20 Uruguay VS Saudi Arabia 10AM Rostov Arena
Monday June 25 Uruguay VS Russia 9AM Samara Arena
Monday June 25 Saudi Arabia VS Egypt 9AM Volgograd Arena

GROUP B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran

Friday June 15 Morocco VS Iran 10AM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Friday June 15 Portugal VS Spain 1 PM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)
Wednesday June 20 Portugal VS Morocco 7 AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)
Wednesday June 20 Iran VS Spain 1 PM Kazan Arena
Monday June 25 Spain VS Morocco 1 PM Kaliningrad Stadium
Monday June 25 Iran VS Portugal 1 PM Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

GROUP C: France, Australia, Peru and Denmark

Saturday June 16 France VS Australia 5 AM Kazan Arena
Saturday June 16 Peru VS Denmark 11 AM Mordovia Arena (Saransk)
Tuesday June 21 France VS Peru 7 AM Ekaterinburg Arena
Tuesday June 21 Denmark VS Australia 10 AM Samara Arena
Thursday June 26 Denmark VS France 9 AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)
Thursday June 26 Australia VS Peru 9 AM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

GROUP D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria

Saturday June 16 Argentina VS Iceland 8AM Spartak Stadium (Moscow)
Saturday June 16 Croatia VS Nigeria 2PM Kaliningrad Stadium
Thursday June 21 Argentina VS Croatia 1PM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Friday June 22 Nigeria VS Iceland 1AM Volgograd Arena
Tuesday June 26 Nigeria VS Argentina 1PM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Tuesday June 26 Iceland VS Croatia 1PM Rostov Arena

GROUP E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia

Sunday June 17 Costa Rica VS Serbia 7AM Samara Arena
Sunday June 17 Brazil VS Switzerland 1PM Rostov Arena
Friday June 22 Brazil VS Costa Rica 7AM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Friday June 22 Serbia VS Switzerland 1PM Kaliningrad Stadium
Wednesday June 27 Serbia VS Brazil 1PM Spartak Stadium (Moscow)
Wednesday June 27 Switzerland VS Costa Rica 1PM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

GROUP F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea

Sunday June 17 Germany VS Mexico 10AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)
Monday June 18 Sweden VS South Korea 7AM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Saturday June 23 Germany VS Sweden 10AM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)
Saturday June 23 South Korea VS Mexico 1PM Rostov Arena
Wednesday June 27 South Korea VS Germany 9AM Kazan Arena
Wednesday June 27 Mexico VS Sweden 9AM Ekaterinburg Arena

GROUP G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England

Monday June 18 Belgium VS Panama 10AM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)
Monday June 18 Tunisia VS England 1PM Volgograd Arena
Saturday June 23 Belgium VS Tunisia 7AM Spartak Stadium (Moscow)
Sunday June 24 England VS Panama 7AM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Thursday June 28 England VS Belgium 1PM Kaliningrad Stadium
Thursday June 28 Panama VS Tunisia 1PM Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

GROUP H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan

Tuesday June 19 Poland VS Senegal 7AM Spartak Stadium (Moscow)
Tuesday June 19 Colombia VS Japan 10AM Mordovia Arena (Saransk)
Sunday June 24 Japan VS Senegal 10AM Ekaterinburg Arena
Sunday June 24 Poland VS Colombia 1PM Kazan Arena
Thursday June 28 Japan VS Poland 9AM Volgograd Arena
Thursday June 28 Senegal VS Colombia 9AM Samara Arena


Saturday June 30 1C VS 2D 9AM Kazan Arena
Saturday June 30 1A VS 2B 1PM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)
Sunday July 1 1B VS 2A 9AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)
Sunday July 1 1D VS 2C 1PM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Monday July 2 1E VS 2F 9AM Samara Arena
Monday July 2 1G VS 2H 1PM Rostov Arena
Tuesday July 3 1F VS 2E 9AM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Tuesday July 3 1H VS 2G 1PM Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

FIFA World Cup 2018 Quarter Final

Friday July 6 1A/2B VS 1C/2D 9AM Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Friday, July 6 1E/2F VS 1G/2H 1PM Kazan Arena
Saturday, July 7 1F/2E VS 1H/2G 9AM Samara Arena
Saturday July 7 1B/2A VS 1D/2C 1PM Fisht Stadium (Sochi)


FIFA 2018 World Cup Semi Final

Tuesday, July 10 1A/2B/1C/2D VS 1E/2F/1G/2H 1PM Saint Petersburg Stadium
Wednesday July 11 1F/2E/1H/2G VS 1B/2A/1D/2C 1PM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

FIFA 2018 Third Place Match

Saturday July 14 3rd Place Match 9AM Saint Petersburg Stadium

FIFA 2018 Final

Sunday July 15 FIFA 2018 World Cup Final 10AM Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)


Watch World Cup 2018 Live on Mobile Devices

This year’s Russia World Cup 2018 will be accessible to anyone no matter what device they have or where they are. If you don’t have cable TV, nothing will stop you from enjoying every second of the Football World Cup Live Stream.

It doesn’t matter what device you have, Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Desktop PC or any other type of device.

For people that do have cable TV at home, you might not be at home when your favorite team will be playing.

For this reason, watching the game on your smartphone or tablet while you are out for business or what not will not be an issue.

Watch World Cup 2018 Live Stream on Social Media

People will be able to watch world cup 2018 on Snapchat and Twitter thanks to FOX. There will be a link posted which will take you to the live stream.

On Facebook there will also be plenty of live stream links which people can use to watch the Russia World Cup 2018. FIFA TV has also announced that there will be an active livestream on YouTube.


Probably the easiest way of watching the World Cup 2018 Live. There will certainly be a few options to choose from. One great benefit of watching the games on YouTube is the fact that you can choose the quality of the video starting with 144p which is convenient for people with slow internet speeds.


If you have no idea where to find a good live stream source, then Reddit is the place for you. There are always plenty of people who are willing to help others by posting links that they have found.


Although no one has officially announced that they will provide a high quality live stream of the Russia World Cup 2018, there will certainly be a few links provided by kind people.


As mentioned previously, FOX has made a deal with Twitter and together they will provide a high quality live stream of all games of the Football World Cup Live Stream. If you are a football fan, just search for #fifaworldcup2018 and look for the link. People can also use Twitter to check out the latest news, scores, special previews and more.


The Official Mascot of the Russia World Cup 2018

Zabivaka as the Russians have called the official mascot. Translated into English “Zabivaka” means “the one who scores”. Over one million Russian people have voted for Zabivaka to be the official mascot.

Currently the handsome wolf is traveling all over the world promoting the Russia World Cup 2018. If you want to have a chance at meeting Zabivaka in person, you will need to be at one of the stadiums in Russia while a game is played.

Russia World Cup 2018 Prize

The team that will win the Russia World Cup 2018 will be rewarded with 38 million US Dollars. In second place, there will be a 28 million US dollars reward.

Furthermore, the team to get third place will be rewarded with 24 million US dollars and the fourth team will also be rewarded with a substantial amount of 22 million US dollars.

World Cup 2018 Live Winner Prediction

There are quite a few teams that have a good chance at winning the World Cup 2018 and it is going to be very challenging for the teams. At this point, Italy and Chile did not pass the qualifying stage. However, there are strong countries such as Spain, Belgium, Brazil, England, Germany and other which will make it a very exciting Tournament.

Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018?

  • Brazil (29%, 29 Votes)
  • Argentina (20%, 20 Votes)
  • Germany (13%, 13 Votes)
  • Portugal (7%, 7 Votes)
  • France (6%, 6 Votes)
  • Nigeria (5%, 5 Votes)
  • Belgium (4%, 4 Votes)
  • England (3%, 3 Votes)
  • Russia (3%, 3 Votes)
  • South Korea (2%, 2 Votes)
  • Spain (2%, 2 Votes)
  • Croatia (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Japan (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Egypt (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Uruguay (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Morocco (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Poland (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Senegal (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Colombia (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Italy (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Tunisia (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Panama (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Saudi Arabia (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Australia (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Sweden (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Mexico (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Serbia (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Costa Rica (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Switzerland (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Iran (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Denmark (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Peru (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Iceland (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 94

Loading ... Loading ...

Most people will probably place their money on either France, Germany or Brazil. However, you never know who will win until you see it with your own eyes.

Official Merchandise for the World Cup 2018 Live

For fans all around the globe, there will be plenty of memorable items which can be bought from the official FIFA web store. People can go to and purchase items such as collectibles or things to remember you of the Russia World Cup 2018.

Russia World Cup 2018 Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony is scheduled right after the Final, which will be on 15th of July 2018. The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will be the host of the Closing Ceremony and Final, so prepare for an amazing show. AS of now, there is no official information of who will be performing at the ceremony, but probably in the next few weeks we will find out.

Last Words

The Russia World Cup 2018 is right around the corner and officials are making last preparations for the big games. Fans all around the world have all the necessary tools to enjoy every second of the tournament and nothing should stand in their way.