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WC2018Live.Org is a Fan made website for FIFA World Cup 2018. We are providing you information, news about Russia Football World Cup 2018. This is an unoffical website for FIFA world cup. This website is made for just entertainment purpose and information perpouse.

You know the biggest event on earth just knocking at the door and our website are ready to give you up to date information about. Our core team are working every day for you! Here are those superheroes.

Edward N

He is the Manager and Founder of this Blog. Knowing perfect about Football and he can bet very well for wining prediction. Currently he manage the hole team and editing the final copy of content of you!

Hanna M

Hanna is the lead copywriter for WC2018Live.ogr website. More then 8 years of experience about writing perfect content for people. She also a 2 kids mom and very serious about her job!

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One of the finest SEO expert and lead manager at our company. He provides the best quality search preference and visibility over 5 years.