This huge month of football that brings the world tightly closer is arriving within a few weeks. So this is the moment, we will grow restless to know FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule to get lost into the wildest of imaginations and trepidation. We will just ransack the YouTube and rummage through the web portals to see the fixture of the FIFA World Cup 2018 first round and any information of the groups and anything that stir our excitement.

This is the grand occasion or event that drives a chill across the world once in every four year.  Nations of the world demonstrate their enthusiasm throwing glowing support to other nations existing poles apart. The team they are die-hard fan of may represent a rival nation but the fan following will not be the least affected by that.


Download FIFA World Cup 2018 Fixtures, Schedule on PDF

Waiting for the next event usually starts with the conclusion of the WC final match and with days passing forward waiting turns into excitement and excitement reaches the level of frenzy by the time two or three months left for the next World Cup.

And this is the moment the world is heated up most by that frenzy. This is the common case every time FIFA World Cup arrives.

Football World Cup 2018 Schedule

World Cup Schedule is pre-planned match schedule featuring the rival teams, the location and venue of the match, the date, and real time the match will take place on.

Unlike the fixture, it includes the said details of all the rounds – First Round-Final. Let us come across the long-awaited Russian World Cup 2018 schedule.

Group stage Schedule

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Thursday June 14  Russia v Saudi Arabia (A)  Moscow (Luzhniki)  4pm GMT
Friday June 15  Egypt v Uruguay (A)  Ekaterinburg  1pm
 Morocco v Iran (B)  St Petersburg  4pm
 Portugal v Spain (B)  Sochi  7pm
Saturday June 16  France v Australia (C)  Kazan  11am
 Argentina v Iceland (D)  Moscow (Spartak)  2pm
 Peru v Denmark (C)  Saransk  5pm
 Croatia v Nigeria (D)  Kaliningrad  8pm
Sunday June 17  Costa Rica v Serbia (E)  Samara  1pm
 Germany v Mexico (F)  Moscow (Luzhniki)  4pm
 Brazil v Switzerland (E)  Rostov-on-Don  7pm
Monday June 18  Sweden v South Korea (F)  Nizhny Novgorod  1pm
 Belgium v Panama (G)  Sochi  4pm
 Tunisia v England (G)  Volgograd  7pm
Tuesday June 19  Poland v Senegal (H)  Moscow (Spartak)  1pm
 Colombia v Japan (H)  Saransk  4pm
 Russia v Egypt (A)  St Petersburg  7pm
Wednesday June 20  Portugal v Morocco (B)  Moscow (Luzhniki)  1pm
 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A)  Rostov-on-Don  4pm
 Iran v Spain (B)  Kazan  7pm
Thursday June 21  France v Peru (C)  Ekaterinburg  1pm
 Denmark v Australia (C)  Samara  4pm
 Argentina v Croatia (D)  Nizhny Novgorod  7pm
Friday June 22  Brazil v Costa Rica (E)  St Petersburg  1pm
 Nigeria v Iceland (D)  Volgograd  4pm
 Serbia v Switzerland (E)  Kaliningrad  7pm
Saturday June 23  Belgium v Tunisia (G)  Moscow (Spartak)  1pm
 Germany v Sweden (F)  Sochi  4pm
 South Korea v Mexico (F)  Rostov-on-Don  7pm
Sunday June 24  England v Panama (G)  Nizhny Novgorod  1pm
 Japan v Senegal (H)  Ekaterinburg  4pm
 Poland v Colombia (H)  Kazan  7pm
Monday June 25  Uruguay v Russia (A)  Samara  3pm
 Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A)  Volgograd  3pm
 Spain v Morocco (B)  Kaliningrad  7pm
 Iran v Portugal (B)  Saransk  7pm
Tuesday June 26  Denmark v France (C)  Moscow (Luzhniki)  3pm
 Australia v Peru (C)  Sochi  3pm
 Nigeria v Argentina (D)  St Petersburg  7pm
 Iceland v Croatia (D)  Rostov-on-Don  7pm
Wednesday June 27  South Korea v Germany (F)  Kazan  3pm
 Mexico v Sweden (F)  Ekaterinburg  3pm
 Serbia v Brazil (E)  Moscow (Spartak)  7pm
 Switzerland v Costa Rica (E)  Nizhny Novgorod  7pm
Thursday June 28  Japan v Poland (H)  Volgograd  3pm
 Senegal v Colombia (H)  Samara  3pm
 England v Belgium (G)  Kaliningrad  7pm
 Panama v Tunisia (G)  Saransk  7pm

Round 16 Schedule

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Saturday June 30 1C v 2D (Match 50) Kazan 3pm
1A v 2B (Match 49) Sochi 7pm
Sunday July 1 1B v 2A (Match 51) Moscow 3pm
1D v 2C (Match 52) Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Monday July 2 1E v 2F (Match 53) Samara 3pm
1G v 2H (Match 54) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Tuesday July 3 1F v 2E (Match 55) St Petersburg 3pm
1H v 2G (Match 56) Moscow (Spartak) 7pm

Quarter Final Schedule

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Friday July 6  Winner 49 v winner 50 (57)  Nizhny Novgorod  3pm
 Winner 53 v winner 54 (58)  Kazan  7pm
Saturday July 7  Winner 55 v winner 56 (60)  Samara  3pm
 Winner 51 v winner 52 (59)  Sochi  7pm

Semi-final Schedule

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Tuesday July 10  Winner 57 v winner 58  St Petersburg  7pm
Wednesday July 11  Winner 59 v winner 60  Moscow (Luzhniki)  7pm

Third-Place Exhibition Match

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Saturday July 14 Losers of two semi-finals St Petersburg 3pm


Final Match

Day & Date Match Venue Match Time
Sunday July 15 Winners of two-semi-finals Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm


The fixtures merely mention the day and date the match will be played on, the location and the venue the teams will meet in and fight. Up till now, FIFA only shares the said information of the first round only. Below you can have a rundown of the upcoming Russian World Cup Fixture.

A Bit of FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 is knocking around the corner and the frenzied heat is warming the whole planet up again after the regular gap of four years. The heat is up since the draw took place in Moscow. It is spectacularly evident from the World Cup Draw ceremony that the host nation is leaving no stone unturned to present the soccer fans with one of the best FIFA World Cup month this time.  And for sure their effort is just nothing short of outstanding.

FIFA World Cup 2018 has arrived with pretty newness and this time it started with a shock by the time stalwarts like Italy, Chile, Netherlands, and the USA got disqualified in the selection season. Quite contrary, amateur like Iceland and Egypt have made their entry into the largest football month show in the planet. So the soccer fan following in these countries may experience a new shift as the people and fans of these two nations are building their castle in the air or living up to their wildest dreams.

Another new excitement is that now you can enjoy the live streaming of the grandest event of the globe online – tiny mobile screen to even larger ones. This will surely add a new dimension to the exhilaration and magic of the moment. Official Channels of the nations around the world will telecast every event and match live and big names in the satellite channel industries took their best preparation to amuse and amaze their fans by televising this wow event. This event will telecast by many ways, you so can follow this content for knowing about how to watch fifa world cup 2018 live online.

Russia World Cup Group Information

As per the longstanding tradition, 32 countries have come out victorious as the finalists to be a worthy part of the great event. These 32 finalists are turned into 8 groups numbering capital A-Z.

Each group comprises with four teams and inclusion with a group is neither a choice of the teams nor selection by the FIFA. The destination group is fixed by a draw. Here you go with the Groups with their member teams. Check out Group D Details Here.


Now you know everything that is possible to learn ahead and the rest is up to your waiting with the most intense suspense and with the heart thumping. So, wait until another epoch-making soccer month sets the ball rolling in the Russian grounds.

Ponder over, among the three most talked about and popular football super heroes, who will do the justice to the name and fame they have already achieved by playing the key role in winning the cup for his country?

Who will be the Pele, Maradona, Matheus, and Zidane of FIFA World Cup 2018? Lionel Messy, Christiano Ronaldo, or Neymer?


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