FIFA world cup 2018, the biggest sporting event after Olympic, is hosted by Russia. It is the first ever FIFA World Cup in Eastern Europe. Though FIFA demanded 16 stadia to take place during this event, Russia world cup stadium list gives us a figure of 12 international stadiums managed.

Any world cup 2018 stadium among the 12, lies in European Russia in order to reduce the distance and manage the timetable. FIFA and Russia anticipate more than one billion audiences in this event. Russia spent over $11.8 billion dollars renovating 3 older stadiums along with 9 new stadiums offered around 11 cities. The gathering will be entertained with some unseen before designs of those Stadiums.

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So let’s grasp some knowledge of World Cup 2018 stadium venues:

Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow – 81000

Luzhniki Stadium formerly known as Central Lenin Stadium, the home ground of Russian national football team officially opened on 31 July 1956. It is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe bearing the testimony to many historic events.

Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

Luzhniki Stadium is a part of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex hosted 1980 Olympics along with 3000 games within last 60 years. The seating capacity of this stadium has recently been increased to 81000 after the renovation for FIFA World Cup 2018.

The huge statue of Lenin will welcome at the front entrance of Luzhniki. It will be one of the several outstanding stadiums to host World Cup Final.

Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg – 37696

The only venue from eastern Russia or Asian Russia is Yekaterinburg Arena. It was originally built in 1957 just after the birth year of Luzhniki. This stadium has been introduced globally at 1959 in Speed Skating Championship.

Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg

Formerly it was known as the Central stadium and hosted more than 1000 sports events other than football. The seating capacity of this stadium is 35000 which might reduce to 23000 after the FIFA World Cup. It is the home stadium of SalwartsUralmesh, now known as FC Ural.

Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg – 64,287

The rumor of Saint Petersburg Stadium has been one of the principal news sources for media. Some sources assume that it is the most expensive stadium built in the world. Some estimates aired the cost of this stadium approximately $1.5 billion.

Krestovsky Stadium

Saint Petersburg is the hometown of Vladimir Putin. It took almost a decade to build this as the design always pushed the soaring cost and broke the deadlines. The extraordinary spaceship design with the view of Gulf of Finland from behind of seats is singularly spectacular.

Saint Petersburg Stadium will amuse the 2018 soccer fans with a park and some white-knuckle rollercoaster. So feel the chill of rollercoaster if you are earlier at the venue being unable to wait for more to watch your football heroes.

Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi – 47659

Fischt stadium has a hype of big events. It already paid service to Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Confederation Cup football shared 4 matches and recently Russia performed in a friendly match there with Belgium..

It is also one of the new stadiums from nine inaugurated in 2013. The seating capacity of 47659 won’t disappoint the audience. You can enjoy the mountains at north end as well as the black sea to the south. The dramatic view of this Stadium might give you a cause of an enjoyable vacation.

Kazan Arena, Kazan – 45379

Kazan Arena considered as the Stadium of the sporting capital of Russia, Kazan. It is another comprehensive design created by Populous. Populous has also the credit for the mind-blowing design of Wembley and Emirates.

The world’s biggest outdoor screen has made it eccentric. Rubin Kazan, a club of Russian premier league already moved here. This riverside stadium spectates the water lily themed roof.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod – 45,000

A stadium situated near the scenic beauty of Volga and Oka might attract and satisfy your eyes.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium has been designed for World Cup 2018 costing $290m. The stadium is surrounded and supported by outside pillars. The view of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin is extremely gleeful for spectators.

Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don – 45000

Another newly built Stadium with a riverside view. Rostov Arena is situated near the river Don. The rooftops of Rostov Arena follow the riverine city.

Rostov Arena football stadium world cup 2018

It also has been fruitful for the development of the left bank of River Don. FC Rostov, also known as the Russian Leicester who won the surprise title will move in here after the FIFA World Cup.

Samara Arena, Samara – 44807

Samara Arena is the most disputed building events of FIFA World Cup. It was delayed, broke the budget as well as disrupted in design. The first priority was to build the stadium in an island and was canceled because of wide and wild criticism.

Samara Arena FIFA World Cup

But finally, the building ended up situating in a green watchful arena. It is famous for the Soviet space program in the communist era. Don’t miss the spectacular view of the 65m high-glass dome that shines at night only. The city of Samara is blessed by the historic Volga Rivers too.

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Mordovia Arena, Saransk – 44442

Saransk is not expected to be venue priority for FIFA World Cup. But it was the most surprising choice.

Mordovia Arena Football World Cup Stadium

This city is not pretty remarkable but has achieved a rapid development with a newly built airport for comfortable gateway and rail transport amenity. Saransk is a small city and a tiny part of them are football fans.

So the seating capacity will reduce the world cup and local team will use it as their home stadium.

Volgograd Stadium, Volgograd – 45568

Volgograd is another new stadium constructed for FIFA World Cup. But it is not the start point of the story.

Volgograd Stadium FIFA World Cup 2018 Venue

There are some talks of the past. It was once used for Central Stadium which was home to Rotor Volgograd. A great game of UEFA Cup took place between Goalless and Manchester United here. Goalless won the match and saved the pride of Soviet Supremacy.

Spartak Stadium, Moscow – 45360

Spartak Stadium is another eventful building of FIFA World Cup 2018. Spartak Moscow one of the oldest and strongest teams of Russian premier league has a lack of home venue. But after a long planning at 2000, they have got a design of Spartak Stadium.

Spartak Stadium Stadium of FIFA World Cup

After some unusual delay and disruption of construction, it started in 2014. All of the events ended up with a successful product.

It will be another rare fan loved stadium for Russia. The statue Thracian Gladiator Spartacus will welcome to take alluring memories for visitors.

Kaliningrad stadium, Kaliningrad – 35212

Kaliningrad stadium lies on an island surrounded by an exquisite natural splendor. The stadium is just 45 km away from Poland border. This is the only stadium so close to European Union and Shenzen area.

The design of this stadium is indebted to Allianz Arena in Munich. There are some controversies about the foundation of this stadium due to the weak soil of the island. But the host country has assured of the heavy piling that is enough to strengthen the foundation to a doable standard.

Thus how the rundown list of world cup 2018 stadiums come to an end. Besides hosting the great matches, they will welcome you with the scenic beauty and historical background.


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