Since its maiden orientation in 1966 football World Cup by the then host country England, FIFA World Cup mascot has been in the center stage. FIFA World Cup Mascot 2018 is no exception in this regard. This year also it has created the Pre-World Cup stir.

Russia World cup mascot too has reintroduced the animal root, unlike many human orientations. The name of Russia mascot is Zabivaka – the scorer or one who scores. This mascot is an outstanding combination of artistic excellence and intellectual flare.

This time FIFA world cup mascot 2018 has received the most prestigious inauguration telecast live on Channel1 the entire world over.  The higher FIFA officials have graced the occasion along with the local and international football legends and dignitaries.

Processes Zabivaka Mascot Went Through

This resounding mascot is not a solitary reap of a single graphic designer or child book illustrator. A month-long opinion pull was observed online and Zabivaka came out victorious winning 53% of the popular votes. Another mascot presenting a tiger seconded this one by 27% votes, and the third one the Cat Mascot stood third drawing 20% of the online votes. Then a team was assigned to design it the way it appears today. You will meet there an amicable wolf in a funny, sportive, and alert mode.

What does Zabivaka World Mascot signify?

Zabivaka is the result of a teamwork that represents the biggest team-playing tournament under the sky and signifies a team spirit.

A wolf always hunts in packs, so do the football players as the scoring of a goal is the fruit of a collective or teamwork. Zabivaka too stands for “one who scores goal” and the wolf represents one of the team.

Thus how it is the most striking combination of art and intellect that so aptly illustrates the team sport it is representing.

What is very Russian about FIFA world cup mascot 2018?

The very title of the mascot is named after is a Russian word meaning the scorer. It has earned the name through a democratic process where millions of Russians football fans opined in favor of their chosen logo for the Greatest Football Month.  So the mascot or logo will bear testimony to Russian sense and sensibility in the days ahead.

Moreover, the wolf stands for ambassadorial vigor Russians enjoy all over the world especially now. Moreover, the fierce animal will promote the biggest event and entertain soccer fans all along the grand Russian Football Gathering 2018.

Celebrity and the Official Response to Zabivaka Mascot

The mascot was introduced to the world through a live event and the football fans saw with wonder the legends admiring both the symbolic value and visible graphics. Brazilian football great Ronaldo was among the most verbose of Zabivaka admirers who shared the stage with Fuleco in Brazil 2014.

Ronal said that Zabivaka will pretty successfully serve the purpose of promoting the great football moment and keeping the fans radiated and charged throughout the great FIFA month in Russia.

The local organizing committee Chairman has rightly and confidentially declared that Zabivaka will enjoy the robust popularity. He further added that It was assigned with the solemn duty of inspiring world soccer fans to be in Russia and enjoy the most epoch-making event of the planet.

Who is the designer of the Russian world cup mascot?

An open competition was inspired among the young students and Ekaterina Bocharova, a design student, came out victorious with a huge margin. The end result is the teamwork of eighteen months. It has very ably demonstrated the love and dedication the Russian people share for the tournament.

It is also a pretty witness to the artistic flair and commitment the host country has put on to make FIFA World Cup the success it so deserves. The most glaring Official Mascot has received the most eye-catching ovation through a month-long live show on Channel1.

Where and why does it stand out among the long line?

To answer this crucial query, we have to dig through the history of World Cup mascots. But this long version answer is not possible in this limited scope. To tell in short, Zabivaka as the FIFA World Cup mascot stands out with the all-out illustration of football as a game.

Like many other games, football is also a team work but here the scorers are not many. The wolf Zabivaka too refers in Russian to the scorer. And the wolves are best and fiercest at their game of hunting when the act in packs or they make group hunt.

Very few mascots earlier presents the theme of the football so successfully. On top of that, earlier mascots showed engaging tendency to display their national heritage symbolically through an event that is out and out international and global. In this case, the name of the football world cup mascot is local but the significance is totally corporal. That is evident to the fact that the great football month of May will be more of a world football than of Russian one.


FIFA world cup mascot 2018 is the logo of the soccer fans around the world designed and styled by Russia. The team spirit and the main purpose of scoring goal are emphasized in this mascot. Only the name is Russian by language and the wolf may manifest through Lionel Messy, Christiano Ronaldo, and Neymar backed by the fellow wolves of the respective pack. We have wail a few more days to see it happen.


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