If there is any issue dispersing heat in every direction across the globe now, it is FIFA World Cup 2018. Next comes the Group D of Russian World Cup 2018 as it has already invited predictions that are still on the rise. FIFA World Cup Group D has been inspiring the headlines in all the Medias and social platforms.

If you still cannot get the reason behind these phenomena, you are no lesser than a no-brainer. Yes, this is Argentina the hot favorite of the tournament. And they have the best player of all times Lionel Messy in their team.

Next to Argentina, the latest underdog Iceland came into wild notice in 2016 by knocking out England from the Euro Cup that year. Nigeria has their due share to increase the heat as the 6th time participant of the grandest soccer tournament in the planet. Croatia is not a bit behind in this race with the two most strongest and world class midfielders in their team and a credit of making it five times to the World Cup.

These are raising the agitations to the level that some already have tagged Group G to be the Death Group. With this overview learnt, let’s go ahead digging through the teams of the Death Group.

Russian World Cup Group D Teams


This is the biggest name of all the four teams with the unmatchable records in terms of both team achievements and individual records and performance. Argentina has won the most prestigious soccer trophy in the globe for two times in 1978 and 1986.

Since 1982, it has been the most favorite stage-presenter in the biggest international soccer exhibition. Diego Maradona is the magic name casting a spell over the football fans worldwide since his appearance in 1982.

And the enchanter now is the Lionel Messi arguably the greatest players of all times.  Messi with the able backing of Golzalo Higuain, D’Maria, and Ageiro can pretty dare to claim the World Cup this time and getting to the round of 16 is not a big deal for them.

But this hot favorite has their due share of odds too. The very individual strength is their team weakness. It is a common fact that the team comes out victorious only when Messi can exhibit his flares. On top of that, their recent past team performance displayed a weak D-box.


Iceland enjoys at least one criteria to be rated by the side of this hot favorite and this is their awe-struck emergence in the international football scene in 2016. The resounding clap still haunts the English fans after they have won against England with 1-0 score in their maiden international feat.

You cannot say that their first and the big win is an accidental one as they show continuity of performance in the matches played by them during qualifying to WC. It will be no wonder if they earn the credit of another big upset.

The downside of this Icelandic underdog is they don’t have any house hold name in their team. But they are a team in its true sense as they have nine scorers in their WC team boasted by the free kick magician Gylfi Sigurdsson able to score from anywhere.


Croatia is the fierce contender against any team with their 5 times world cup experience. Though they lack any international championship, they made it to the Euro Cup twice. These credentials are backed by two international stars and even more club warriors in their team.

They offer the most able midfield supported by the big names of international football Luca Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Mateo Kovacic, Ivan Pesiric and Marcelo Brozovic.

Croatia had never been able to cross the group boundary in the five last WC tours. This time they are hopeful of making history backed by a strong midfield and dodgy defense.


They come exactly next to Argentina if you judge them by the frequency they made it to the largest tournament and defiance they showed in front of the stalwarts. They played world cup five times with spectacular success and earned a fame to be the Super Eagles.

In their former World Cup matches they broke in to the defense of England, Argentina, and many other stalwarts. In the qualifying round, they displayed astounding feat against their African rivals – Cameroon a worth mentioning name.

But they had their weak performance in 2014 Brazil World Cup haunting them and like Croatia; they also failed to step out of the group stage.

FIFA World Cup Group D Fixtures:

Before jumping to any prediction who will rule World Cup Group D teams, we better have a look at the group fixtures.

Day & Date Match


Saturday, June 16 Argentina v Iceland Moscow (Spartak)
Saturday, June 16 Croatia v Nigeria Kaliningrad
Thursday, June 21 Argentina v Croatia Nizhny Novgorod
Friday, June 22 Nigeria v Iceland Volgograd
Tuesday, June 26 Nigeria v Argentina St Petersburg
Tuesday, June 26 Iceland v Croatia Rostov-on-Don


FIFA World Cup 2018 group D predictions – who will come out as Champion?

All the teams do have their winning potentials Argentina being far ahead of the fellow group rivals in this regard. They have the best midfield and forward not only in the group but the defense fall far short of the scale of Messy, Maria, and Higuain.

Iceland may seem an infant by the side of the fellow group members but they are boosted by their wow performance and nothing to lose sense.

Croatia shares no apparent weakness and so can justly rule the group backed by a balanced team of footballers. Nigeria struggled much to qualify for the World Cup but they have their sweet memories of breaking Argentina’s defense.

Thought it cannot be said with unfailing certainty, Argentina is the most likely to win over others in the Death Group. Let’s hope that unexpected and unthinkable happenings will not rule FIFA World Cup 2018 Group D.  


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